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Access to Best Practices – With United Force as your systems integrator you are able to achieve greater consistency across your systems and networks, our knowledge in systems integration and business process automation means that you don’t have to try to learn how to do it all right the first time. Leverage our expertise to move along the experience curve faster, at less cost, with reduced chance of project failure.  Our goal is to own your process so we do it right the first time with long term considerations of total cost of ownership, reliability, flexibility, security and performance.

Standardized Configuration - United Force will follow a standardized process and architecture during implementation. United Force trains our employees to follow a consistent process during every build. This standardization helps your IT department and United Force to better diagnose future issues, resulting in less cost to service and support your IT system in the future.

More Robust IT System once you decide to outsource the implementation (and possibly the management) of your Information Technology systems to United Force, the chance of future unplanned downtime can be reduced. Internal employees typically have more focused attention on their specific area of responsibility, so they might not be as accountable as third party contractors, with regards to overall IT systems performance, such as how well accounting integrates with ERP or human resource systems. They also might not have as much experience, resulting in the need to use shortcuts or quick fixes as issues come up; these “Band-Aid” solutions can often lead to future systems failures and raising your total cost of ownership.  However, your internal expertise is important to include in the process to maximize project implementation attainment of goals.

Contractor Interoperability Not only will a third party integrator like United Force offer solutions and designs based on best practices, but we will also design your systems to be easier to complement to other projects and tasks. This type of standardization means you can select one system integrator for the initial build, another to perform the roll out, and another to do application maintenance although we will show that United Force's Managed Services is your best choice. Greater standardization and common methodologies leads to ease of support and third party interoperability, helping to better maintain budget and time frame requirements.

Optimize Local vs. Global NeedsLarger, global organizations can use best practices from other sites and countries. United Force is experienced to working in these types of environments can offer a global perspective to best support a global roll out.  This combination of capabilities is a key factor of success.  While we are a local Los Angeles / California IT shop we do offer roll-out expertise to National and International organizations.

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