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United Force is always looking for talent to join the team.  It takes a dream to create a successful business idea. It takes people to make dreams a reality. Could you be one of those people?


A question of give and take


United Force co-workers enjoy many advantages and opportunities from working in a free and open environment – but all freedoms are counter-balanced with expectations. For example, the expectation that each co-worker is able to assume responsibility for his or her own actions. Although on the surface it is evident that we have a lot of fun together working at United Force, at the same time all are expected to be very hardworking and conscientious. Here are some more examples to illustrate give and take, United Force style:

What do we expect from you?

- You have the ambition to do a good job and a desire to take on responsibility and to take the consequences that this entails
- You do your best on the basis of your abilities and experience
- You are service-oriented and have the customers’ best interests at heart
- You are open to improvements, with the desire to continually develop
- You challenge established patterns when you have a better suggestion of your own
- You are not status minded, but rather open and straightforward in your approach to others
- You are cost conscious and know that everything has a price tag
- You are open and willing to move to a new challenging job

What do we offer you?

- The chance to work in a growing company with a  viable business culture
- We give you the opportunity to further develop your professional skills in your daily work
- We make it possible to choose between many different jobs within the company
- We enable you to work in an environment where people and team spirit are central values
- We offer you a job with fair and reasonable conditions
- We give you the chance to take a great responsibility following recognised good results, regardless of age.

United Force Values

Work hard, be yourself

What do we look for in a job candidate?

An ability to do the job is obviously the starting point. But beyond that we look for many other personal qualities such as a strong desire to learn, the motivation to continually do things better, simplicity and common sense, the ability to lead by example, efficiency and cost-consciousness. These values are important to us because our way of working is less structured than that of many other organisations.

A culture based on shared values.

At United Force, we don’t just want to fill jobs; we want to partner with people. We want to recruit unique individuals who share our values. Co-workers are not restricted at United Force; we listen and support each individual to identify his or her needs, ambitions and capabilities.

Here are a few examples of our shared values:





If you’re considering a change of direction, or simply seeking a new position within your field of expertise, then send us an email with your resume here.

No matter which role you apply for, a career at United Force brings new chances to learn, to try out new skills and acquire new experiences... every day. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take the first step towards your future.

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