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audio visual services


Transform your Business with Our Audio Visual Services


Audio Visual services can enhance training, collaboration, communication and replace time-consuming travel to save on business expenses. As a new evolving capability in the business environment, video conferencing, projectors, sound and custom control systems transform your business through cost control, stronger working relationships, and improved productivity.

Our AV solutions allow clients to increase control of office features such as temperature, lighting, communication, boardroom projection and television systems. We want to help your business to accomplish more with less effort.

With a highly skilled team of AV solution architects, we provide businesses with an improved ability to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Presentation Systems


Quality solutions you can control with the push of a button.   Connect your computers via wired or wireless video standards to efficiently and reliably collaborate with your co-workers.  United Force designs fully integrated technology that will grow with your business.

Custom Conference Rooms


Integrate the latest technology into your custom designed conference room to maximize capability and performance with simplicity.  We are experts in designing and implementing custom conference rooms,  boardrooms and integration with virtual offices of traveling workers.

Room Automation


Transform any room to become automated to your specific requirements.  Many aspects can be automated, temperature, lighting, projectors, screens, televisions and communications equipment are among the types that can be fully integrated and/or partially automated to respond to body movement, and lighting or temperature changes.  Start a video conference and have the blinds automatically dim the room.  We can provide custom AV solutions with a control interface tailored to your automation needs.

Office and Home Automation


Complete office and home automation solutions to enable control of numerous aspects from lights, television, environmental, television, security systems and video recording systems. Custom systems can also include home theater, outdoor waterproof technology, and climate control .

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