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Our engagement with you, begins with ways to help save you money, we have helped many small and medium sized business save tens of thousands of dollars annually by simply analyzing existing long term contracts and renegotiation with vendors.  From copier leasing contracts to Telecommunications contracts United Force can save you money.

Our trademark is to provide the best value possible by maximizing IT capabilities at the lowest cost possible. Proactive planning is a way to lower costs, eliminating problems with proper planning, design, and maintenance to lower total cost of ownership (TCO).  United Force personnel enjoy working with you to analyze your business requirements and systems/vendors to focus on identified areas to lower costs while simultaneously increasing capabilities, security, and reliability.    Here are a few examples  where costs can be dramatically lowered by United Force focusing  on IT contracts that are right sized for your requirements.

Telecommunications Contracts


United Force has decades of expertise with voice, data and VOIP solutions that can enable your business to realize reduced operational costs with greater flexibility.  Our goal is to help you understand your existing communication network(s) and contractual relationships and to show or assist you to achieve an even more efficient and flexible network with lower costs without sacrificing service by auditing pricing and service with existing relationships and exploring the cloud and or alternative services that can more cost effectively meet your business requirements.  

United Force offers the following:

  • Agnostic approach to carrier vendor selection

  • Expert design, consulting and project implementation

  • Management of the entire lifecycle process of equipment and services

  • Contract negotiation and project management of network services


Additional Services include:

  • Local Services: POTS, Centrex, PRI, and VOIP services including SIP

  • Long Distance: Switched, Dedicated, Toll Free

  • Internet: DSL, T1s, DS3s, Cable

  • VPN: Point to Point, MPLS, SSL

  • Web Hosting: Firewalls, Services, Cloud Services

  • Telecommunications Bill auditing

Define your path to success, work with United Force to understand your current situation and your options moving forward

Are Cloud Services Right for your Business?


Measuring the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IT can be quite challenging as it one compares your existing standalone infrastructure costs along with licensing and maintenance costs over a solution's useful life.  Changes in business requirements often require further investment in equipment and software and usually not included in TCO other than a bullet point.

Comprehensive TCO Analysis usually include


  • Capital Expenses - on premise equipment and software

  • Operating Expenses - support, service, energy, and maintenance fees required to keep the equipment operating

  • Indirect Costs - potential downtime and inflexibility resulting in time to market delays as your business requirements change 

Fortunately, for medium sized organizations where IT is not a core business asset that provides differentiation, it is usually very clear from rough calculations as to the many benefits of outsourcing IT and utilizing cloud services.  Cloud services and outsourced IT services give you access to IT administration and networking services enabling customized cloud design for optimal performance, simplified support over software and infrastructure.  Leveraging managed services from cloud services allows companies to free up their staff to focus on revenue generating projects instead of operating infrastructure.


Cloud Services providers usually provide up-time guarantees in the service level agreements that are usually higher than can be achieved with a self-managed on premise infrastructure at much lower cost.  This reduces the indirect costs when IT experiences downtime or is inflexible and requires additional capital investment for servers/software/upgrades to update systems to support or focus on new regulations or revenue opportunities.

Unplanned downtime can impact labor productivity, revenue, reputation and customer loyalty.  Cloud services can improve system reliability, lower costs and increase flexibility to more rapidly focus on changing business climate and revenue opportunities.

The benefits of going to the cloud vary by each type of organization and factors but the benefits for smaller and midsized businesses are generally much higher with better immediate returns.

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