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Sina Bolour Co-Founder

When the Macintosh was first introduced Sina attended some of the first BMUG (Berkeley Macintosh Users Group) meetings at CAL Berkeley where he was studying Computer Science.

During the time he was attending school Sina had a successful used computer business primarily consisting of selling used Apple parts and diminished Apple computers to repair shops in the San Francisco Bay Area.  During this beginning, Sina learned a lot of what would be the Core of United Force today, "Service is King". 

Selling computer parts or selling computer service was really the same thing it came down to how much service you put behind your efforts ... with Hardware prices plummeting, the business of selling used computer parts became tenuous and Sina started his first Venture SINApse, where he provided IT consulting to many businesses in the SF Bay Area / Oakland Berkeley and Los Angeles.   The business grew and took on many forms including high end corporate clients such as Coca Cola Enterprises and EDS, and Xerox, where Sina played instrumental roles working on the largest interconnected Novell Network in the world. (Xerox being the largest interconnected Novell network in the world, American Airlines being the largest number of Novell servers.)

At United Force Sina enjoys providing clients with proposals and solutions that work for their industries.  He enjoys keeping close personal ties with the client base.

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