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Joseph Craven

Joe Craven is an engineering graduate of UC Berkeley (1989) and lives in the Bay Area raising his family with his wife Elizabeth.  After starting a successful computer consulting and car racing businesses, Joe worked in engineering and programmed systems to automate manufacturing processes in the Aerospace industries (Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corporation, Electron Beam Vacuum Technologies, Leybold Materials) by creating thermobarrier coatings for turbines and using electron beams to melt and refine superalloys among a few of his responsibilities.  Joe decided to move over to mainstream IT as his vision was that information technology would drive the next revolution in communications.  Joe started with Sprint as an IT manager which then led to various Bay Area startups implementing broadband internet technology, video conferencing and video on demand as the Internet was getting developed and implemented.   Over the past decades, Joe has worked in Director level positions with international companies building and implementing technology to enhance international collaboration driving improved efficiencies and profitability while planning for disaster avoidance, 99.99% uptime and compliance with disparate security requirements throughout the various regions of our planet.
Joe has gone back to his consulting roots and has joined and thrived with United Force for  nearly two years and assisting various United Force clients operate at peak efficiency.

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