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Live Event Services

We’ve worked in boardrooms, ballrooms, parking lots, tents,  arenas, and everything in between. Our team of live event production professionals works with you from conception to completion to ensure that you get the results you desire, time after time.


General Sessions

The main event… It’s what your attendees get excited about and what keeps them coming back. At United Force, we know the importance of getting this right. We plan for it and build systems around it. We’ve made considerable investments to ensure we have the right technology for your event, as well as the highly trained, knowledgeable people to run it.



As important as a keynote session is, breakout sessions must be given the same attention to ensure that planners, presenters and attendees can all focus on what’s important in the breakouts, the teaching and the learning. Having the equipment is the easy part. Where we excel is providing experienced people to manage your breakout rooms to ensure that things go smoothly, as expected.


Project Management

The United Force Project Management staff is integral to our services, and second to none in the industry. These are the people with the big “UF” on their shirts, because they make it happen time and time again. They diligently develop solutions with each client, specify the technology needed, pull together the right team for the job, and deliver our product with the confidence and expertise you’d expect from an industry leader.


Event Design Support
The United Force stage continues to lead the way with new ideas that integrate technology and design. Our designers are well versed in the latest 3D technologies to produce visually stunning representations of any event space. From 3D rendering stills to 3D motion video walkthroughs, our designers work with you to bring your ideas to life.


A great set design transforms the room. It takes an empty ballroom and makes it a compelling visual experience. Scenic elements provide eye catching interest while reinforcing your theme, your brand or your concept. At UnitedForce, we work with your set and scenic designers to place IT elements in place so that they are not afterthoughs and an eyesore in the landscape


Event Streaming
United Force provides virtual event solutions that share your outstanding content with your remote audience. We can combine your live event with an online component via our event streaming solutions to extend your message beyond the boundaries of the ballroom. This combination of live and virtual communication is a great low cost way to distribute your message to a widespread audience.


duplication and media
We work with duplication shops to record your content to a variety of media.



United Force event services provides complete IT services for live events that successfully delivers complete production packages for both corporate and private clients. Our passion and drive means that, whatever your budget or event size, we always commit to delivering an inspiring and creative solution. Attention to details is what we are known for. From our base in Los Angeles, we have delivered standout events for clients around the country.


Our audio visual team can deliver rentals to your event. Our pre-production services can help you visualize how the event will look and how to maximize the space you have available.


At your event we are passionate about creating the right atmosphere through clever IT design. We don't offer standard packages but work with each client or organizer to deliver the customized elements you need. Whether it's simple or robust  wifi, or distributed video throughout your event, we can present a range of options and creations using the latest technology.

Our experienced technicians and engineers can provide high quality sound and video production . All our equipment is meticulously maintained and tested prior to every event to ensure safety, performance and reliability. 

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